river of dreams

Friday, October 19, 2007

shit happens

shit happens
when you have no idea how or why
when you think he always loves you
when you believe that you have done enough
it caught you off guard
just like everybody else

you said you were clueless, but you know that's not true
you have seen the signs
here and there
then and now
time to time
you just don't want to believe it
because if you do, then you must face it
why? because
shit happens

it happened to everyone else
you are not alone
but when it happened to you
you just can't take the same advice that you used to give to them
because you are the victim now
you have joined the "shit happens" club
like it or not

shit happens
but why, oh dear God, why
it must happened to you?


Blogger ayuanggraini said...

napa lu kes?wat hapen aya naon beibeh?

8:56 AM  

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