river of dreams

Friday, October 19, 2007

shit happens

shit happens
when you have no idea how or why
when you think he always loves you
when you believe that you have done enough
it caught you off guard
just like everybody else

you said you were clueless, but you know that's not true
you have seen the signs
here and there
then and now
time to time
you just don't want to believe it
because if you do, then you must face it
why? because
shit happens

it happened to everyone else
you are not alone
but when it happened to you
you just can't take the same advice that you used to give to them
because you are the victim now
you have joined the "shit happens" club
like it or not

shit happens
but why, oh dear God, why
it must happened to you?

Thank you :)

Me and my boyfriend went to the Mal Puri Indah the other day, and something extraordinary happened.

We decided to park our car in Carrefour since the mall seemed crowded, and just when we passed the front gate and waited for some guy to walk across in front of us, he suddenly raised his right hand asking us to stop the car. We were clueless for a moment, didn't know what the hell he wanted. But then he went to this car that was parked near ours, opened the door, got in, started the engine, and then moved it outside of the parking lot as quickly as he could. So it was obvious to me and my boyfriend that this guy, that we knew nothing about (a Chinese guy, by the way), was kindly enough to offer us his parking space. He could have just take his free time to walk slowly and let us passed, not knowing that he was about to move his car (the parking lot around his car was full at that time) like everybody else used to do. But no, he did not. Instead, he stopped our car on purpose and give us the very precious parking space that were hard to find these days. Wow! What a really nice guy!

My boyfriend honked his horn to thank this guy when his car about to leave, and he waved his hand as a reply. Minutes after it happened, we still couldn't stop talking about what this guy did. Kindness from a stranger is hard to find, and when it happened to you, it felt like a huge relief knowing that there are still a lot of good people out there :)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007