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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Okay, this is also a very funny IT article...

Shiny, happy company name bites owners in ass shocka

by Andrew Thomas
Friday, 17 August 2007, 17.49

Corporate branding is a fickle mistress. Choose an upbeat name and when the wheels fall off, you tend to look like even more of an idiot than would otherwise be the case.

Spare a thought then, for Hurray!, a brightly-named Chinese wireless value-add outfit that sadly doesn't appear to have added an awful lot of value in the last few months, according to China Tech News.

Hurray! has reported rather tragic second quarter results showing net income was a meagre US$0.2 million, a decline of just 79.8 percent quarter-over-quarter and a mere 88.7 percent year-over-year. But is Hurray! CEO QD Wang depressed? No!

"Despite the current volatile market conditions and constantly changing regulatory environment, we got through the quarter in reasonable shape which is very encouraging. Going forward, we will strive to maintain stability in our WVAS operations while in the meantime continuing our efforts to carry out our strategy of developing proprietary content and diversifying distribution channels, our goal is to transform Hurray! into a leading entertainment content production and distribution house in China," japed Wang before announcing "Thank you! I'm here all week!"*

At least Hurray! isn't being chased through the courts by Yahoo! battling over the rights to an exclamation mark.

*We may have made this bit up.


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