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Friday, August 10, 2007


I always want to go to Egypt. If I have enough money, I won't miss the chance to see the pyramids for real. I think they're so amazing, truly one of the world's finest building made by men--even though it didn't get into the 2007's list.

The mobile phone of my dreams have changed. It's no longer Samsung and Sony Ericsson, but the 9300i from Nokia. It's pretty small to carry everywhere, the keyboard is a big help when typing, I don't need any camera--I hardly use the one in my phones right now, and the design is just... perfect for me. So don't look very far to get my birthday present ok? :p

I'm crazy about Hershey's Kisses chocolate. A friend of mine gave it to me once, and I fall in love with it since then. Remember, buy the one with almonds. I used to buy it at Mustafa, Singapore. Anyone knows where I can get the sweets here in Jakarta?

Now that I've reached what they called the perfect age to get married, I got the questions all the time. "So, when?" "Got any plans yet?" "Don't forget to invite me, ok" "What are you waiting for?". It's irritating sometimes. I mean, will you get over it? Marriage doesn't mean happy ending. I want to have kids, believe me, but not until I'm positive I can support them. I want to raise a family of my own, trust me, but it's not going to happen just because YOU think I'm ready for it. Please, don't put me in YOUR shoes. You don't know what's best for me, even I don't know that. This is MY life. I'm the one who live it, deal with it, sick of it, down with it, and simply just... try to do the best I can. So, no pressure, okay? (Wow, so many emotions. But I feel so much better after getting all that out :p)


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