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Thursday, August 23, 2007


kiera knightley (confessed she's so-not-into the celebrity thing such as getting famous and recognized by people everywhere she goes, her pictures taken and hit front page in every magazines in the country, paparazzis stalking her, no privacy at all... but hey, at least they pay you millions of dollars for just doing one movie to get over it, right?)

winona ryder (too bad she and johnny depp didn't make it... they seemed so perfect for each other. he's gorgeous, and she's drop-dead-beautiful. but even with all that good looks and celebrity label, i guess it's just not enough to resist the temptation to steal meaningless stuffs)

natalie portman (simply beautiful. even with those silly-pink-wig on, you can't ignore her)

ashley judd (she can dye her hair black or brown or red or blonde or any other color--you name it, and she'd still look this adorable)

They are some of my favourite most beautiful celebrities... even without any make up on! :)


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