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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Kind of sleepy today. I can't concentrate doing any work, so I guess I just blog.

Hmm, I'm writing this down while listening to my new songs with my black 30Gig iPod video. Cool gadget. I know a lot of people are crazy about Apple's products, but I never understood why. After I own it myself, I finally know the reason. Because now I'm one of them--Apple lovers :p

At first, I was going to sell this beautiful gadget to a friend of mine. We've negotiated the price, and he promised he'd call me next week. I waited until Friday, but he didn't make the call. But I'm glad though, 'cos while I waited, I kept thinking about how much I always wanted an iPod, and wondered if selling it was the best decision.

And on that friday, finally, I've made up my mind. I want to use this one for myself. Even my mom said I must gone crazy if I sell it. So, here I am, sitting in my desk in front of my computer, typing the keyboard, while listening to "terbaik untukmu" from tic.

God, I love this product :D


Blogger Restituta said...

welcome to the club, dear :-*

7:21 PM  

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