river of dreams

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Recognize this guy? Yup, he's Edward Norton. I know he's not as charming as Mel Gibson or as handsome as Keanu Reeves. But he's one hell of an actor.

I watched his new film last weekend with my boyfriend, The Painted Veil. It's a beautiful love story, kind of sad one though, but still beautiful even with cholera disease involved. Edward played as a quiet man but with strong love and courage. The woman he's in love with was Naomi Watts, who cheated on him but later found out what a good husband he really was.

I think Edward got this gift, like Tom Hanks, that makes him such a brilliant actor. He has this innocent face, but you'd believe him when he acted as a gangster or a drug addict. The night before watching The Painted Veil, I was up until 2 am to finish enjoying his older movie--up until now, I have no idea what the title is--about a true friendship between three so-different men. Edward played as a rich guy that was caught selling marijuana by the police. The scene I love the most was when Edward asked one of his best friend to hit him hard in the face so he won't look so cute when he go to prison the next day. The last thing he wanted was to become an object of affection in that place.

It's nice to watch Edward Norton. He's definitely in my most favorite guy list :D