river of dreams

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


don't know where to start
how did it start anyway?

i'm falling all over again
i think it's much deeper this time
i wonder how deep?

honestly, i'm not afraid
i think i'm numb this time
just go with the flow
ride the wind as it pass me by
where do all my sanity go?

it fills me up
like a new strength to face each day
exciting hobby
new experience
am i that blind?

it's killing me if i am
it's killing me if i am not
so, either way, i'm dead

i hope one time
and all the time after that
i can let go
and give all i am


Hmm, I watched the movie "The Mistress of Spices" last night starring Aishwarya Rai and Dylan McDermott. And suddenly I remember how much I love this guy. It's just not because he's damn good looking, but it's all about his appearance: that manly face, perfect body, mysterious smile, and gorgeous eyes that--if he ever look at me--definitely would melt me.

The film itself is not so brilliant. But because the love story involved Dylan in it, I like it a lot. He played as an architect who loves riding motorcycle. Watching him in this movie, I find it hard to believe that he was born on 1961, so he's about 46 years old. To me, he looked like thirthy something.

Friday, May 04, 2007

From Beijing with Love :)

Finally... I have the mood to write again :D

Recognize the pictures above? Yup, I've "been there, done that" in Beijing. Thanks to HP, I had the chance to explore the city and experienced some of China's most memorable places.

The best spot, for me, is of course the Great Wall. And they're not kidding when they named the place. It's so great, I completely lost my breath when I stepped my foot and climbed the stairs. I believe the cold wind (about 14 Celcius degrees, I think), thin air, and the fact that I never worked out my whole life are the crucial issues why I succeed climbing a few metres only.

But, that's ok. Even from that not-so-high spot, I'm very much enjoyed the fantastic view. It's 6000 kilometres long! And takes about 20 years to built! With blood and life, my guide said. Amazing what people can do when they put their mind to it.